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Embedded World 2017
1. DFI @ embedded world 2017
2. DFI New Launch Embedded Board with Remarkable Features
3. How DFI’s Rugged System-On-Modules Can Survive in Every Harsh Environments
4. Small but Powerful Embedded Computers Power Up Your Computing Intensive Applications
HIMSS 2017
1. DFI at HIMSS 2017
2. DFI's New Medical Computing System for Smart Healthcare
DFI Delivers a Total Solution for Smart Grid
Energy is a global issue that touches everyone on the planet. We live in a world with a growing demand for energy as billions of people are rising out of poverty. The world is facing an increasing amount of challenges to supply energy in sufficient quantities. Saving energy and using it in a more efficient way is the key to addressing these challenges.
DFI plays a crucial role in building an information and telecommunications infrastructure for the collection and control of electricity data in order to build a smart energy solution.
Korail Successfully Increased the Efficiency of Ticket Machines by Importing DFI’s COM Express
Seoul Metro is one of the world's busiest subway systems with a ridership of more than eight million passengers per day. As a national operator of railway lines, Korea Railroad Corporation (Korail) recognized the need to deliver efficient passenger services by upgrading the ticket vending machines at major stations. With their excellent products and services, DFI successfully contributed to the completion of this initiate.
DFI Stricter ESD and Wide Temperature Reliability Test
DFI guarantees products will undergo stricter ESD and Wide Temperature Reliability Test during EVT and DVT stages. Our professional technicians will ensure that all products can operate well in uncontrollable circumstances. At DFI, we constantly strive to deliver the highest quality products and services to our customers; making us the ideal partner for your business.
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