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DMM Service
DFI has more than 30 years in producing leading-edge and high-quality motherboard and system products in IPC industry, which you can trust-in. Our unique “DMM services” are especially designed for OEM/ODM customers. We guarantee the time to mass production and make sure the low cost of ownership
> Products Development Process
> Modular Circuit Design
> Firmware/Software Customization
> Mechanical & System Integration
> Dedicated Design Review Team
> Signal Integrity & Reliability Test
> Manufacturing Phase Management
> Manufacturing Sites
> Manufacturing Process/MES
> Design for Manufacturing (DFM/DFT)
> Quality Inspection Services
> Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
> Product Life Cycle Management
> Revision Control
> After Service Support
> Root Cause Analysis
> Express customization service: 30 days > Strict revision control on each project
> Long product life cycle support > Local technical support and on-site services