About DFI    
Business Commitment  
Design Quality

> Complete Device-Compatibility Validation and complete electrical validation
> Proven design expertise of x86 and ARM products
> Dedicated “Design Review” & “Power Circuit” teams to ensure the design quality
> Signal Simulation/Integrity, Thermal Simulation, Safety/Reliability Certifications, Software Services, BIOS, all well executed during the
   design phase


Manufacture Quality

> Proven Experience: The Only Manufacturer in the IPC industry that has Large Volume Manufacturing Experience
> 2 Manufacturing sites produce the same quality products and provide flexibility
> 34 Years of Experience on Volume Production (up to 250K/M)
> ISO 9001, ISO14001, QC080000, RoHS, Sony/Epson Green Partner
> ISO 13485 for the design and manufacture of Computer and PCBA for medical use

Service Quality
> Dedicated program manager for key customers
> VMI flexibility for key customers
> Exclusive production line flexibility
Revision Control
> Releases Revision Change Notices 3 Months in Advance
> Provides SCR/PDR to Customers
Long-Life Support
> Life Cycle Management
> Inventory and Supply Chain Management
Improved Customer Retention
> Business partnership with the top 5 vertical market providers in the field of Gaming, Kiosk, Banking, ATM.
   DFI just had a 10 years cooperation celebration with a #1 customer in the state