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Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance
Intel Internet of Things Solutions Alliance is a community of communications, embedded developers and solution providers committed to the development of modular standard-based solutions based on Intel technologies
AMD® Partner
The AMD Partner Program provides well-defined and transparent criteria through a tiered program offering a broad range of attributes including: financial, access, marketing, referral/recognition, technical, and material benefits to partners
Freescale Connect Partner
The Freescale Connect Partner Program comprises a global network of independent engineering companies that offer the vital tools, software, technology, engineering services and training for embedded designs based on Freescale solutions
Windows Embedded Partners
Microsoft’s partner program for intelligent systems and Windows Embedded represents an ecosystem of technology and solution partners to support enterprises in the deployment of device and intelligent systems solutions and services
SGET Consortium
The purpose of SGET is realized in a team effort in various workgroups on embedded computer technologies, prepares and compiles technical specifications (SMARC and Qseven™) or other work results such as implementation guidelines, software interfaces or system requirements
PICMG Consortium
PICMG is a consortium of companies who collaboratively develop open specifications for high performance telecommunications and industrial computing applications. PICMG extends a series of specifications that include CompactPCI, AdvancedTCA, AdvancedMC™, CompactPCI Express, COM Express and SHB Express
The Peripheral Component Interconnect Special Interest Group (PCI-SIG) is committed to the development and enhancement of the PCI standard